As the Name so is the Fame

Sunita Kisan, age 27, is a residence of Baglung Bamata village development ward # 7. She has received education of sixth grade. She got married at the age of 17 with Karma Bhadur Kisan of the same village. After three years of her marriage, she had her first pregnancy. She was aware about the antenatal care (ANC) services available at hospital. But the hospital was more than one-hour walking distance and could not go there. She consulted with Female Community health Volunteer (FCHV) of her ward from where she got vitamins and medicines. However, she could not receive other ANC services.

Sunita’s husband was abroad to earn their living, she was alone at home.  At seven months of pregnancy, she had severe abdominal pain. Her family members brought her to Baglung Hospital for check-up. In the meantime, she delivered twin babies of 700 and 800 grams. After an essential care of those newborn babies, nurse said “These babies  are too small and there is no facility to treat such small babies in this hospital”.  Further they advised her to go to Pokhara without any delay.

Sunita’s family hired a taxi and proceeded to Pokhara. They visited several hospitals, but none of these hospitals were ready to admit such a too small baby. Finally, they found a private hospital, but it was too late, and both babies died.

Sunita was extremely shattered by this incident. She said “I feel my life is worthless. I had to wait for a long time after marriage to become mother, but my twin babies died I am shocked by the  death of my two children. ….”

Sunita saw some glimmer of hope and happiness when she got pregnant again after four years. She regularly visited hospital for her ANC. Several important procedures including a video x-ray was performed. She had taken medicines that were prescribed in the hospital. But in this time also the labor pain begun at eight months. She was scared because of her prior horrifying experience. So Sunita along with her family members immediately proceeded to Pokhara.

She was admitted in Gandaki Hospital, where she gave birth to a baby.  It was a normal delivery, and the baby weighted 1800 grams. The nurses took the baby in NICU room soon after the birth.  Sunita was again frightened and she said “My surrounding instantly turned dark envisioning a similar result as past.  I was even scared to ask about my baby’s condition. After three hours of delivery, a doctor ma,m came to me and handed my baby. She said to keep he baby in my naked chest skin to skin. She demonstrated me how this technique can be performed. They asked me to continue the method as-long-as possible. They mentioned that this method will help to increase the weight of the baby soon.  This method is known as “Maya ko Angalo” in Nepal.”

Sunita was not very comfortable to keep the baby on her chest for a long time.  Even her husband also didn’t feel comfortable to hold the baby. Her two sister in-laws alternately kept the baby in their chest for a week. She had enough breast milk and the baby socked adequately. Baby was getting healthier and was gaining weight day by day.

Sunita said “I was sad to see my very small baby and thought that this baby also will not survive. Fortunately, after following the suggested method, I could see my baby growing nicely. As the name so is the fame. I think this KMC  method is very effective and has made this growth possible. I will spread this “Maya ko Angalo, KMC” method in my community and among my family and friends circle.”

Story Prepared by: Srijana Sharma