Radiant Warmer Support at the Delivery Unit, Bharatpur Hospital

Radiant Warmer, is a body warming device to provide heat to the body. This device helps to maintain the body temperature of the newborn baby and limit the metabolism rate. Heat has a tendency to flow in the heat gradient direction that is from high temperature to low temperature. Radiant warmer, also known as the baby warmer, is a type of incubator that is used to incubate a newly born baby. The term radiant refers to radiation. It means that the heat is generated by the process of radiation. Unlike other kinds of incubators, the radiant warmer is not a closed system. Rather it is an open system. This machine is designed for newly born babies because there will be a sudden drop in the temperature when the baby comes out of the mother’s womb.

HoD of the Maternity Ward, Maternity Ward InCharge, Maternity Staffs, Hospital Bio Medical Engineer and Golden Community Representatives

Golden Community  supported a radiant warmer to the delivery unit at Bharatpur Hospital on November 24th 2021.