Clinical Training Skills (CTS)

Clinical Training Skills (CTS)

Date: 18th – 22nd Jan 2019

Dr. SwarajRajbhandari
Dr. Ishwor Prasad upadhyaya
Rambha subba
Sandeepa lama


This CTS training was held in partnership between the Golden Community and NHTC in order to establish a trainer pool in newly developed package “Helping Babies Survive” and to strengthen different training sites and human resources efficiency for clinical training and quality services in the field of Maternal and Newborn health care service.


The rational of this course is to prepare proficient service providers to be competent clinical trainers who are qualified to conduct competency-based clinical skills courses. This would support for quality training well acquainted for the implementation.


The principle of CTS course is competency-based training. So, this course was organized to the trainers for effective facilitation skills, developing competency, assessing competency, conducting a Clinical Skills Course, facilitating in the classroom, facilitating in the clinic, planning for a clinical skills course, managing problem that may arise during clinical skills course and post course activities

Date and Venue

5 days competency-based training was organized on May 1-5th September, 2019 at Hotel Orchid, Tripureshwar Kathmandu


There were altogether 15 participants in Clinical Training Skills (CTS) course. The participants included Pediatricians, staff nurses working in these maternity and sick newborn care units and Pediatricians, BPH and MPH staffs from National Health Training Center, NePAS and Golden Community.