Hospital Level Refresher Training on “Helping Babies Survive”, Provincial Hospital, Janakpurdham

Scaling up Safer Birth Bundle Through Quality Improvement in Nepal (SUSTAIN)

Scaling Up Safer Birth Bundle Through Quality Improvement in Nepal (SUSTAIN) project is a set of quality improvement interventions as well as technologies aimed at improving intrapartum care. The SUSTAIN project is a research project aimed at improving neonatal care outcomes through quality improvement (QI) initiatives. As part of the SUSTAIN project, Helping Babies Survive (HBS) is a training package developed in reference to AAP manuals under the leadership of National Health Training Centre and in collaboration with Nepal Pediatric Society. Training Module includes – Essential Care of Every Newborn, Essential Care of Small Babies, Helping Babies Breathe and Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model which have been built into the four-day program. The training has been divided into three parts – Training of Trainers (TOT), Hospital Level Training and Refresher Training. The TOT has been provided to key stakeholders working in the perinatal units within the project hospitals. The training has developed skilled trainers who then provided four-day hospital-level trainings and spearhead other QI interventions within the hospital. Following this training, post three months 2-day Refresher Training has been conducted at Provincial Hospital, Janakpurdham to reinforce knowledge and skills of service providers on perinatal care standards.

The 2-Days on-site refresher training play a vital role to strengthen and reinforce knowledge and skills of health workers who will be in the forefront, providing maternal and neonatal quality care services on perinatal care standards.
To reinforce knowledge and skills of service providers on perinatal care standards
To reinforce capacity of health workers to implement Quality Improvement Process in hospitals
To reorient service providers on different QI tools and advanced technologies for perinatal care
To reinforce capacity of service providers to apply Plan-Do-Study-Act (P-D-S-A) approach in hospitals
Date and venue
A two days Hospital Level Refresher Training was conducted in two batches in the Training Hall of Provincial Hospital, Janakpurdham in two batches, starting from 3rd to 6th November, 2020 respectively.

There were altogether 16 participants in the Refresher Training. The participants included from maternity ward staffs who already participated in previous 4-day HBS training, some participants were new to the hospital and had not received HBS training previously also participated after recommendation from Senior Level Hospital Management. The duration of the training was 6 hours per day from 8 am to 2 pm

Training Methods
Various types training methods were used by the trainers/ facilitators during the refresher training. Some of them were:
Flip charts demonstrations
PowerPoint presentations
Group work and chart paper presentations
Mock drills using manikins (NeoNatalie, PremeNatalie)
Two-way experience sharing (both trainers/facilitators and participants)