Internship Experience Blog by Medical Students from Uppsala University, Sweden (Tove Lisa Marie & Mathilda Karlsson)

Tove Lisa Marie
(Medical Student, Uppsala University, Sweden)
Mathilda Karlsson
(Medical Student, Uppsala University)

We are two medical students from Sweden, that now in our last year of medical school have
had the opportunity of coming to Nepal and Golden Community to write our master thesis.
We have both developed an interest in children’s and maternal health during our studies,
however we have been missing some of the global perspective. I, Tove, was traveling and
volunteering at a rural school in Nepal a few years ago, and the country came to make a big
impact on me. I, Mathilda, have been working as an assistant nurse in both post-delivery
care and children’s emergency ward in Sweden, and realized during the pediatric course that
this is where my heart is.
Considering all this, coming to Nepal working with newborn survival seemed like the perfect
opportunity for us. Through an inspiring lecture, we made contact with Dr. Ashish KC and
Professor Mats Målqvist who’s been working with Golden Community. And that’s how we
ended up packing our bags for Nepal!
In our project, we have gained insight in the MALA and REFINE projects. We have focused
on evaluating the different methods of documentation on neonatal resuscitation that have
been implemented through these interventions. As interns at Golden Community at the office
in Lalitpur we received a warm welcome. During our time there, we have had the chance to
learn more about the work of this organization as well as making friends over cups of masala
chai and large Excel sheets. Database manager Omkar Basnet was our constant support,
he always took his time to help us out. Thanks to Mrs. Honey Malla and Mrs. Pratiksha
Bhattarai, we also got the opportunity of observing a PDSA meeting and simulation- training
at the Paropakar Hospital.
Although it was a bit sad to leave the office, we ended our stay in Nepal by visiting Bharatpur
Hospital where we were introduced to the work at the NICU and delivery ward. We met with
a dedicated young doctor, Dr. Niruta Báral, who provided some insights on the challenges as
well as prospects when it comes to children’s health and survival in Nepal.
We leave Nepal with experiences that undoubtedly will be valuable for us as doctors in the
future. A warm thank you to Golden Community and everyone making this possible, we hope
to come back some day as finished doctors and contribute to your important work.


Tove & Mathilda